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    Porcelain Handmade Bead, *Frosted 3D Rose Bouquet, White*

    Porcelain Handmade Bead, *Frosted 3D Rose Bouquet, White*

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    SKU: POR-G5-15-D

    Stock: Stock available

    Product: Porcelain Handmade Bead, *Frosted 3D Rose Bouquet, White*
    Quantity: Sold by 6 Bouquets
    Finishing: Frosted
    Color: White
    Shape: 3D Rose Bouquet
    Size: 22mm diameter x 11mm deep, hole 2mm deep
    Packaging ID: G5-15-D
    Material Used: Porcelain
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    Introducing NEW Porcelain Handmade 3D Rose Bouquet. This version doesn’t have any Glazing on surface, it look more like frosting on cakes :) There're 1 large Rose and 2 smaller roses per Bouquet. Porcelain beads are much higher in quality than Polymer clay and they looks less *plastic*. Porcelain is the same material what our dishes are made of. This gorgeous dimensional Rose beads looks very Romantic and they exceptional quality with amazing workmanship. Each Rose made entirely by hand and may slightly vary in size and shape (+-2mm). Each Rose Bouquet measures 30mm diameter x 15mm deep, hole measure 2mm diameter. You can glue these beads on the Filigree components, simply attach onto cord or decorate interior items like candles, vases…possibilities are endless. This Rose beads made from Porcelain and finger prints on surface unavoidable, care should be taken while handling this beads to avoid breakage. Surface of this Roses don’t have any coating so you can apply your own glazes or keep it as it. Price listed for 6 Rose Bouquet.