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    Natural Keishi Pearl Beads, 11.5MM Coin shape

    Natural Keishi Pearl Beads, 11.5MM Coin shape

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    SKU: ORGPRL-I2-22-C

    Stock: Out of stock

    Product: Natural Keishi Pearl Beads, Coin shape
    Additional Info: Pearls from Farm in China *GF Brand*
    Quantity: Sold by 6-beads strand
    Color: Luminescent White color (natural)
    Shape: 11.5mm diameter x 4mm deep, center drilled
    Size: 4-5mm diameter
    Packaging ID: I2-22-C
    Material Used: Natural Cultured Keishi Pearls
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    Keishi Pearls also known as Keshi, is the most glorious and popular cultured Pearls up today for high-end jewelry. Each bead unique in shape with very thick nacre and superior luster. As a result, they come with higher price tag but it deserved each cent. Most of beads have uneven surface and they formed when a mollusk tries to expel a bead nucleus, but continues to make a pearl. It may take up to 3 years to grow one Keishi pearl. Each bead measures 11.5mm diameter x 4mm deep. Hole measures 0.5mm diameter. Price listed for strand of 15 beads.


    Color: Luminescent White color (natural)

    Luster: Very High Luster

    Texture: Uneven

    Nacre: Very Thick

    Brand: *GF*