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    Handmade Semi-Lampwork *Blue & Aqua*

    Handmade Semi-Lampwork *Blue & Aqua*

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    SKU: LMP-I4-28

    Stock: Stock available

    Product: Handmade Semi-Lampwork Glass Beads, Mixed Shapes & Size, *Blue & Aqua*
    Additional Info: Beads are cleaned and washed from kiln dust and ready to use
    Quantity: Sold by 100 gram bag (approximately 25-35 beads)
    Finishing: Smooth, polished, shining
    Color: Blue and Aqua colors mix
    Shape: Assorted
    Size: 8-25mm long
    Packaging ID: LMP-I4-28
    Material Used: Lead-free glass
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    Semi-Lampwork combines Handmade Beads with partially Fancy Design as well plain without any design. Semi-Lampwork beads are good for medium range accessories and jewelry. Most of the beads has at least small portion of decoration on them. Size of Beads varies from 8mm to 25mm long. Shapes assorted and may include Round, Tube, Cube, Drop, Coin, Free-form, Nugget, Rondell, Drum and more. This kind of beads are great as accent point, they will bring “to life” any accessories. Price of for bag of 100 gram of beads and there approximately 30-35 beads depend on size, the smaller size of beads, the more you will get per 100 gram. Please note that all beads are pre-packed already. All beads were cleaned from any kiln dust and ready to use. Before use, you can simply wipe them with ordinary wet kitchen towel.

    Semi-Lampwork Mixes looks very pretty when combined with Gemstone beads and other “natural” looking beads and components.