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    Fire Cherry Quartz Pendant, Set of 4

    Fire Cherry Quartz Pendant, Set of 4

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    SKU: C4-18-1

    Stock: Out of stock

    Product: Fire Cherry Quartz Pendant, Focal Curved Triangle shape, 43mm long x 31mm wide x 6mm thick x 2mm hole. Sold by 1 pc
    Quantity: Sold by 4 pendants
    Finishing: Smooth, polished, shining
    Color: Dark Redish Rose with yellow and brown
    Shape: Curved Triangle
    Packaging ID: C4-18-1
    Material Used: Lab-made stone
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    Cherry Quartz also known as Strawberry Quartz originally is Lab-made stone, made from combination of natural quartz and clear glass combined with permanent coloring agent. Color is very beautiful.

    Overall this beads looks very eye-catching. This Pendant is high A Grade quality.