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    Brown Agate Gemstone Pendant Slice

    Brown Agate Gemstone Pendant Slice

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    SKU: GEMPEN-C4-18-B

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    Product: Brown Agate Gemstone Pendant Slice, Focal Smooth Flat Free Form, size vary 50-60mm long x 4mm thick x 3mm hole. Sold by 1 pc
    Quantity: Sold by 1 pendant
    Finishing: Smooth, polished, glossy
    Color: Brown
    Shape: Smooth Flat Free Form
    Size: Vary 50-60mm long x 4mm thick x 3mm hole
    Packaging ID: C4-18-B
    Product Code: GEMPEN-C4-18-B
    Material Used: Natural Blue Agate Gemstone Slice
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    These unusual and unique Pendants are actually a slice from natural Brown color Agate Gemstone. Basically you will be wearing the purest and rawest Agate in its genuine untouched beauty!
    Agates are grounding stones, bringing emotional, physical and intellectual balance. They aid in centering and stabilizing physical energy. Agates enhance mental function as they improve concentration, leading to practical solutions.

    Since these Pendants are cut from raw Agate Rock, each Focal Smooth Flat Free Form Pendant will vary in 50-60mm long x 4mm thick x 3mm hole and would be a nice Centerpiece. Price listed for 1 (one) Pendant.