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    Bead Frame Connector, *Beaded Round*, Antique Silver

    Bead Frame Connector, *Beaded Round*, Antique Silver

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    SKU: FINCON-A5-28-X

    Stock: Out of stock

    Product: Bead Frame Connector, Antique Silver
    Additional Info: NOT containing any Iron metal (non-magnetic)
    Quantity: Sold by 10 (ten) connectors
    Finishing: Smooth, polished, shining
    Color: Antique Silver color
    Shape: Round
    Size: outer diameter 13mm, inner diameter 9mm
    Packaging ID: A5-28-X
    Product Code: FINCON-A5-28-X
    Material Used: Lead / Nickel / Iron-free copper metal as a base
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    Bead Frames are very popular right now. You can “stud” the beads inside them, Swarovski crystals and spacers, as long as they’re not more than 9mm in diameter. Made from lead/nickel-free Pewter and electroplated with different metals. You can use normal “Gold and Silver cleaner” to clean these connectors. Measures 13mm outer diameter x 9mm inner diameter, vertical hole measures approximately 1mm and will fit up to 18gauge stringing wire. Price listed for pack of 10 beads frames. Please enlarge picture for sample.