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      Rajasthan 925 Silver
      Rajasthani Handmade Silver is world renowned for its intricate craftsmanship, elegant Lacquer and filigree work. Our Rajasthani Silver imported directly from Rajasthan and in limited quantity. All beads and components handmade using century old traditions. Most of Rajasthani Silver is a blend of Pure Silver and small part of Tin, surface usually finished with Black color patina for Ethnic look.
      Vermeil 24K Gold
      Vermeil 24K Gold is a very popular for high end jewelry. Base of this beads and findings is 925 Sterling Silver and plated with thickest layer of 24K Gold. Color of Vermeil is very similar to 24K Gold. Since Vermeil made from 2 precious metals, this is a very good investment, as you know price for Gold and Silver jump each month.